Environmental Systems


Shinjiru has developed two product lines with their technical partner that work for legislative compliance in environmental matters in the surroundings of surface painting facilities: EnergetYc Savings and Zero Ympact.

With energy saving systems, the objective is to reduce the energy consumption of painting facilities. This represents a significant economic saving during the useful life of the line, as well as the reduction of greenhouse effect emissions.
All the painting facilities projects developed by Shinjiru are carried out by studying the energy consumption of the designed painting lines and analysing the causes of possible excess consumption and the opportunities for saving on them.
In addition, old installations that need to be updated, the necessary studies are carried out with the aim of proposing to the client adaptations and improvements that can allow savings of up to 80% in the energy consumption of an installation.
On the other hand, Ympacto Cero is a design principle by which Shinjiru implements solutions that minimize the impact of painting facilities on the environment. The objective is to reduce both the gaseous emissions of VolatileOrganic Compounds (VOCs) as the liquid discharges.
Shinjiru offers different technological solutions aimed at treating highly polluting gaseous emissions due to the solvent content of painting facilities.
The solutions offered by Shinjiru for the reduction of emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds VOCs are:

  • Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) systems
  • Concentration systems + regenerative thermal oxidation

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