Shinjiru is a highly innovative engineering company that designs, develops and manufactures installations for the treatment and painting of surfaces for the industrial sector. The department is made up of engineers and technicians with consolidated experience and knowledge in industrial paint lines and booths.

Shinjiru is one of the Indian company in the sector that since its inception offers a total integration of different technologies in all its projects: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, automation engineering and communications

Some of the benefits that this full integration brings to customers are:

  • flexibility to adapt to production needs.
  • proposals and future improvements based on the development of new technologies.
  • the ability to respond to the challenges posed by the future.
  • compliance with the various local safety regulations

Shinjiru offers double advice in all its offers

  • Technical feasibility of the project. Shinjiru accompanies its economic offers with detailed technical information for a better evaluation and evaluation of the same, as well as with proposals for additional solutions to improve the productivity of the installation.
  • Economic feasibility of the project. The offer is completed with different economic variables that are especially relevant in the sector, such as: price per painted piece, repayment period of the painting line, etc. Whether it is an installation for manual coating (production batches) or automatic (production batches or continuous movement), Shinjiru can provide the economic feasibility information that the client needs for decision making.
  • Shinjiru offers engineering services at different levels, always related to solutions for the treatment and painting of surfaces and industrial paint booths) depending on the client’s needs: mechanical detail engineering, electrical detail engineering, build of materials (BOM), design of detail for mechanical and electrical fabrications, advice and supervision for assembly and advice for commissioning supervision. SEIPL team of engineers studies the production needs of each client to offer a totally customized design and developed under the

Triple Hat Philosophy:

  • The manager's hat. In this case, the objective is to ensure the production of the industrial painting facilities and booths, minimizing costs from the point of view of energy saving and environmental sustainability and ensuring delivery and execution dates.
  • The operator's hat. To facilitate production tasks Shinjiru automates processes to the maximum and provides user-friendly software interfaces and in the operator's language. Remote assistance for remote troubleshooting helps the operator minimize production downtime.
  • The maintainer's hat. Shinjiru provides the necessary technical documentation and appropriate training courses to ensure that local safety regulations are adhered to and that maintenance tasks are faster, easier and cheaper.

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