Automation Systems


The automation systems integrated in Shinjiru painting facilities are designed to specifically meet the production needs of each client. For this, the most advanced technology and industrial automation and communication equipment are used, and the standards developed by the company are introduced and updated in each program, tested and verified successfully in all painting facilities, which allows to ensure correct operation from the first moment.

  • Industry 4.0 and traceability solutions With the automation of painting facilities, more and more companies take advantage of the intensive use of the Internet and new technologies for the continuous improvement of their production process. The goal is to develop smarter and more environmentally friendly factories and with much better linked production lines. As an example of the use of new technologies, the use of IO-Link devices stands out, which allow the concentration of sensor signals in a single remote module, as well as the operating status and possible defects. From here, large volumes of information are obtained to later be treated appropriately for the benefit of the painting installation and therefore the production process. Another example of the use of new technologies in painting facilities is the use of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), to replicate the scada systems and user interfaces used in the painting line to monitor and establish control from any location. With regard to traceability, the solutions offered by Shinjiru range from the storage of process and production data in external memories, through communication within the same installation with higher-order systems of the client-OPC server type and reaching the transfer of large volumes of information between facilities and remote servers.

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