Coating Systems


Shinjiru mainly designs and develops the following types of coating:

  • Liquid paint coatings
  • By immersion: Cataphoresis or e-coat. Cataphoresis paint consists of a dispersion of resins and pigments in an aqueous medium with a low content of organic solvents (less than 4%) and with three basic components: demineralized water, cationic binder and pigmented paste. These components are incorporated directly into the paint to compensate the consumption for painting parts, evaporation, dragging, etc. As there are only three components, fast and efficient parameter regulation is possible. Shinjiru develops complete installations for coating by linear cataphoresis (overhead conveyor), monorail and / or P&F, with a process by immersion tanks, phosphate tilting and painting. This process can also be through automated movement bridges with automatic loading and unloading from or to an overhead conveyor. The cataphoresis systems developed by Shinjiru are fully automated and controlled with 4.0 technologies that allow traceability, quality control and production cost of all parts. Furthermore, this type of coating is a maximum performance system with high covering power on the entire exterior and interior surface of the pieces. Cataphoresis installations generally increase cost effectiveness, provide higher operational reliability and easier maintenance.
  • By projection. Shinjiru integrates application equipment from the main brands on the market in aerographic systems (automatic and manual) pneumatic spray application of air-less paint (automatic / manual) spraying using high pressure pumps. With this system you can achieve high micron ratings and spray products with high viscosities. Air-mix (automatic / manual) process that involves spraying by pumping at high pressure and providing pneumatic pressure, improves air-less finishes. Electrostatic projection: The particularity of this system is that during the spraying cycle the particles receive a high voltage and low intensity electrostatic charge. Electrostatic equipment uses different procedures to obtain the spray. Electrostatic systems: Aerographic / air-less / air-mix, automatic and manual. High speed cups and discs for Omega applications. These systems are individually recommended according to the morphology of the parts to be processed, with a detailed study of the process and with the option of suitable equipment, notable paint savings are achieved, in particular with the options of:
    • Low speed rotary sprayers up to 15,000 r.p.m.
    • Cups with high speed turbines up to 50,000 r.p.m. mounted on static or moving stations.
    • High speed disc system up to 40,000 r.p.m. mounted inside an OMEGA shaped conveyor.

The three systems indicated atomize the paint in a purely mechanical way by centrifugal force and electrostatic action, all these systems are adaptable to the application of water-based or solvent-based paints. Shinjiru integrates anthropomorphic robots for the previous applications. In automatic installations and repetitive processes, the integration of robots allows the repeatability of the painting process without failures and at the same time reduces rejection and downtime on the line. For the paint supply of these equipment, we integrate paint mixing and circulating rooms, pumping through pneumatic and electrical systems , auto mixing systems, paint feeding systems, mono components, water-based and solvent, keeping the products agitated, heat-insulated and maintaining circulation speeds to avoid deposits, cleaning systems for the ducts and rapid colour changes, reducing them to the absolute minimum.

Powder coating

Two types of systems stand out:

  • By immersion. They consist of systems in a techno fluidified bath for immersion of metallic parts for coatings of polyamide, polyethylene, etc. to achieve high micron ratings and maximum protection. This powder coating process involves preheating the parts in high temperature ovens and subsequently immersing them in the fluidized bed. Depending on the time and temperature, the desired micron ratings are achieved.
  • By projection. These are high performance powder coating systems that have different equipment depending on the client's needs: quick colour change plastic booths, single colour systems with built-in absolute filter, booths for manual application with recovery cyclone and absolute filter, application equipment with standard (high performance venturi) and dense phase (pumping) technologies, automatic and manual high performance cleaning systems, part identification and programming with 2D identification barriers or part identification vision, reciprocators in two and three axes, end of travel sensors to avoid accidental blows. This powder coating system allows anthropomorphic robotic application with programming and adaptation to Industry 4.0.

  • Other coating systems developed by Shinjiru are aluminium passivation, passivated pickling, etc. Contact us for more information.

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