Service Maintenance

The importance of an effective maintenance program cannot be overlooked because it plays such an important role in the effectiveness of Lean manufacturing. As in personal healthcare insurance, maintenance may be considered the heath care of our manufacturing machines and equipment.

It is required to effectively reduce waste and run an efficient, continuous manufacturing, business, or service operation. The cost of regular maintenance is very small when it is compared to the cost of a major breakdown at which time there is no production.

Purpose of Maintenance

The main purpose of regular maintenance is to ensure that all equipment required for production is operating at 100% efficiency at all times. Through short daily inspections,cleaning, lubricating and making minor adjustments, minor problems can be detected and corrected before they become a major problem that can shut down a production line. A good maintenance program requires company-wide participation and support by everyone ranging from the top executive to the shop floor personnel.

Service Maintenance

Credence Engineering Services caters to Service Maintenence by:

  • Providing Services after Sales.
  • Installation and Testing.
  • Commissioning.

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