Paint Shop

We offer a full range of surface treatment processes, products and equipment to meet the challenges of automotive designers and manufacturers such as lightweight construction, process cost reduction and increasing sustainability, all while delivering high quality performance products. Furthermore, our experts are ready to help you with line design and optimization, waste water treatment and promotion of worker safety & sustainability. Our solutions are highly reliable, eco-conscious and in compliance with worker safety regulations. Our portfolio of automotive surface technologies is also suitable for tier 1 & tier 2 suppliers as well as commercial vehicles.

Paint Shop Technology

  • Modular Paint System
  • Liquid Paint
  • Powder Paint
  • Working Area
  • Auxiliary Equipments

Modular Paint System (MPS)

Reason behind Modular Paint System (MPS):

  • The current solution of a plastic painting line for multiple layer is not lean and flexible enough.  It comes with big investment and is hard to maintain.
  • When paint application from end customers is changed, cost of process modification is substantially high. Sometime it’s almost impossible to change.
  • When production volume is going down or customer’s request small lot order (Just-in-time order), it’s not sensible in terms of running cost to start the line.

MPS benefit compared to conventional line:

  • Less investment cost, no need to invest at once. Invest step by step
  • Less process downtime. No risk for production line breakdown at once
  • Less part travelling from injection machine to the paint line.
  • Easier robot programming.  No conveyor tracking is needed.
  • Robot can reach hidden area, because part is rotatable.
  • Less down time for robot programming.  No need to stop the whole line for programming
  • Easier to relocate the line with compact and modular design
  • Better delivery lead-time (4-month lead time) compared to 6-8 months for conventional line
  • Line is flexible for 1K / 2K single layer or multilayer. Better process optimization

Spray Booth VW Series

The VW Series Spray Booth. Easy to clean out with the disposal tank in the back. The paint sludge can be taken out of the booth in the back. That means the users don’t have to stop painting when the sludge is taken out.

DB Series Spray Booth Dry Filter System

Summary of DB series Advantages Economical and Cost Savings

Spray Booth DB Series

DB Series is the most economical series in the market. The Series is ideally suited for limited or intermittent spray operations such as refinish shops, schools and production lines where paint consumption is moderate. Completely knock-down structure
More convenience to move and re-install. Almost every part of the booth is knock-down from the factory. The panel is pre-punched and ready to do final assembly at customer’s site. The booth is designed to easily disassembly whenever it’s needed.

Conveyor System (Floor/Overhead)

Credence offer an extensive range of overhead and floor conveyor systems ranging from simple manual systems through powered single line to complex power & free system.

Benefits of surface treatments and functional coatings:

  • State-of-the-art corrosion protection and paint adhesion with stable processes
  • Tailor-made solutions for light and mixed-metal substrates
  • Reduced energy and water consumption
  • Fewer process step
  • Reduced sludge and other environmental hazards
  • Increased sustainability
  • Challenges of lighter vehicle structures
  • Weight reduction in car bodies is causing significant changes to the processes applied in body and paint shops. Lighter car bodies manufactured from mixed steel and lighter metals like aluminum require new approaches to surface treatments for bodies-in-white and other components.

Liquid Paint

Spray Booth High Efficiency Venturi System

Spray Booth VT Series

VT Series is an improved design of paint booth model. This series is based on our experience of booth manufacturing. Constant suction air flow with high collecting efficiency is the first priority in design of this series.

Water Curtain Spray Booth

Liquid Paint Shop Construction Spray Booth Model: VW

Modular Air Supply Unit

MSU is a Modular Supply Unit. The function of MSU is to supply clean air from outside to a spray booth in order to balance pressure inside. The unit is built in with a suction blower and 2-step of filters.

Horizontal Scrubber for VOC Treatment

Scrubbers are capable of removing both gases and particles and can be useful for odor control for painting process. GM series is a type of a scrubber that works on absorption principle. The airflow gets through the packing media chamber where water (solution) spray on the top.

Cubic Baking Oven BO Series Drying Oven for paint curing in batch production

Cubic Baking Oven is a cubic style oven used extensively in paint curing of plastic painting. BO Series Maximum operating temperature is 120°C with optional higher temperature on request. Five models to choose from, including Class 10,000 Cleanliness oven.

Conveyorized belt oven

The IR belt oven is designed for continuous operation. It has been engineered to be easier to clean inside the oven than previous version. Max temp is 90 C. Baking Time is depended on customer’s setting.

Conveyorized overhead

The IR belt oven is designed for continuous operation. It has been engineered to be easier to clean inside the oven than previous version. Max temp is 90 C. Baking Time is depended on customer’s setting.

Paint Circulation System (PCS)

Every customer has different requirements on the way of feeding a paint to their applicator.

Credence has developed a standard set of PCS (Paint Circulation System) to meet customer’s need. Our model ranges from small paint usage and frequent change colour.

Powder Paint Shop Construction:


– Automatic Powder Booth.
– Automatic Powder Booth.
– Reciprocator Unit Cyclone and dust collector unit.
– Automatic powder reclaim system.
– Fast Colour change powder center.
– Cubic Baking Oven Model: BO Conveyorized overhead oven.
– Conveyor System (Floor / Overhead) Pre-treatment Process.

Working Area:

The Best Working Environment: This includes inspection zone,sanding booth, transfer area etc. designed to provide optimal working environment which improve productivity.

Auxiliary Equipments:

We Supply all the Auxiliary Equipment’s for the Industry.

Surface Inspection

High-precision colour and surface inspection in production processes:

Our instruments and procedures, developed using scientific principles, help to detect faults and deviations which are invisible to the human eye as early as possible on all sorts of technical surfaces in the context of industrial manufacture and finishing. State-of-the-art control optics, operating with high-contrast light, quickly localize and visualize even minimal surface defects or uneven spots. This enables manufacturers to promptly take corrective action, avoid or reduce expensive scrap and guarantee high and constant quality. With an installed base of several thousand systems worldwide, we are one of the leading international suppliers for optical quality control system