Application Technology

Paint Robot Package + Turn Table

The packages are designed to provide a cost-effective, standardized paint robot package solution with specified functionality. It is an optimized, integrated process solution with state-of-the-art technology to ensure excellent quality. It is pre-engineered, documented and designed to achieve quick installation and start-up.

Paint Supply Systems

Special colors and mini paint supply systems take place with high priority in all modern paint shops. Special attention is paid to a resource-saving, but also fast production process in color change systems. The paint supply station is used for the preparation and application of the paints into the paint process. The arising rinsing media during the fully automated color change are collected in central dump systems.

 Flame Treatment Technology System

The flame treatment technology system consists of a control unit, which regulates the gas-air mixture and the gas burner. It is divided into two parts, the mechanical part, with all the pipes, valves, pressure switches and mass flow controllers and the electrical part, consisting of the control, visualization, automatic burner control and all the electrical wiring.

In order to achieve optimum paint adhesion on polyfin and polypropylene components, such as bumpers in the automotive industry, a high surface tension must be generated. In addition, a clean reproducible surface is ensured.

Flaming can be effective in two ways:

  1.  Flexible by using an industrial robot.
  2.  Stationary, with movable parts to be flamed.